Plié, Groove’n’Shuffle opened in 1997 by Vicki Clare, and has since become the leading performing arts centre on the northern side of Sydney. Plié prides itself on offering professional and caring staff, a wide variety of subjects and affordable rates. Plié has seven purpose built dance studios, including a sprung studio for cheerleading & gymnastics in Cromer, three studios in North Sydney and two studios in St Ives. New in 2012 was the inclusion of our own theatrette on site at Cromer, for our students to perform regularly in a professional environment.

All students perform twice annually, at our mid-year ‘Concert’ and our end-of-year ‘Concert’. Plié is a performance focused studio. Our goal is to offer as many performance opportunities to our students as possible. Plié provides the essential stepping stones students need to prepare for the professional world of entertainment. No other local dance school can match Plié’s commitment to performance opportunities in which all students are encouraged to participate (although entirely optional).

In 2013, Plié introduced a competitive cheerleading program, and has since won countless State & National Titles in cheer, pom & dance.

Plié has a friendly and fun atmosphere, with classes to offer for both serious dancers, or for those who want to participate for fitness and enjoyment. There is something for everyone! Plié is most famous for our community feeling- students and parents enjoy friendships and form a strong support network- such important elements to encourage sportsmanship amongst our dancers, and create a sense of belonging. Students should not only reach their personal best in dance, but also benefit from increased confidence and social skills.

Plié staff share a commitment to training students to have solid technique as well as encouraging performance skills and creating a happy & safe learning space. Our staff all foster inclusion, team work, positivity, and encourage a supportive environment for all our students. Our teachers are all qualified professionals, who inspire our students on a daily basis. Our teachers are incredible role models in dance & life for our lucky Plié kids. All staff hold current Working With Children Checks.

Students from Plié have gone on to perform at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, have been accepted into NIDA & WAUPA, been finalists on 'The Voice' & 'X Factor', been awarded with Global Dance Convention scholarships for 15 years consecutively, have won countless eisteddfods, performed at Disneyland California, in video clips, many gala events, have appeared as soloists at the Schools Spectacular, performed in professional productions of ‘Aladdin’, 'The Lion King', 'Carmen', 'Shrek The Musical', 'Pirates of Penzance', 'West Side Story', 'Sound Of Music' 'Crazy For You', 'The King And I', 'Mary Poppins', 'The Gruffalo', have earned National Titles in Cheer & Dance, and have even become dance teachers themselves! One of our most successful graduates Nat Jobe, performed with Adele during her Australian tour & danced with the legendary Debbie Reynolds!

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The winner is…Plié!!

Plié wins the 2019 Australian Small Business Champions Awards in Performing Arts.



Plié Groove'n'Shuffle - Cromer
Most Outstanding Specialised Business
Northern Beaches

2017, 2018 & 2019


Plié Groove'n'Shuffle - St Ives
Most Outstanding Performing Arts Business
North Shore

2017 & 2018


We have been part of the” Plie” family for 17 years. At Plie Groove ’n Shuffle you can do as much or as little as you enjoy however you will always know that your children are being nurtured and encouraged. The teaching team are dedicated qualified professionals who take pride in ongoing professional development and share their knowledge with their students in their choreography and in the regular performance opportunities that are available to participate in and watch. My daughters danced all styles at Eisteddfod team level and thanks to the teaching they received at Plie my youngest daughter is now a full-time ballet student. Vicki and her team open, honest and approachable – I highly recommend.
— Lynne (parent) daughter Brooke now studying with the Queensland Ballet School
This school is among the top elites of the northern beaches and also home to some of the most encouraging, positive and incredibly talented faculty, ever!. Every child is given the luxury to grow and challenge themselves creatively here. The duty of care and professionalism at plie is simply unbeatable. Go sing dance and act!
— Tim (ex student) Musical Theatre Performer NYC
I grew up dancing at this dance school and have never had a negative experiment. The memories always bring a smile to my face!! A fun-loving, caring and nurturing upbringing in the dance world with extremely talented and experienced teachers that I adore. I couldn’t recommend the teaching or life experience at Plié enough. Friends and skills gained for life.
— Chase Zera (ex-student) Music producer/song writer/performer
We had such a hard time for about 4 months when my 4yo was going through some separation anxiety. The teachers were so patient and amazing at supporting my daughters needs and allowing me to stay with her for as long as she needed me. They didn’t give up and she is now very happy and confident and we can’t wait to see her in the mid year concert this year! Thanks so much team Pliè!
— Kelly (parent)
What a place to have not only your child but your whole family a part of. All the staff are incredibly nurturing and want all kids to have a fun, positive experience. A home away from home. Always welcoming more and more people to add more encouraging, enthusiastic vibes.
— Georgia (ex-student) Graduate New Zealand School of Dance
Plie was my home away from home growing up and I can’t recommend Vicki and this school highly enough. She is an incredible role model, both in the entertainment and arts industry and also as a truly genuine, caring human being, a generous teacher that goes above and beyond in her dedication to her students. The ongoing support she has given me has helped me have an extended career in the arts I can’t thank her for this enough
— Megan (ex-student) Professional dancer- Moulin Rouge Paris
Plie is a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. As a high school dance educator, I can thoroughly recommend Plie. My daughter has enjoyed ballet, jazz and tap since she was 2.5years old, what impresses me is the quality of teachers and the warm and nurturing environment. Mid year and end of year concerts are always a highlight on our family calendar. The joy of dancing!
— Kylie (parent) Dance Educator
I can’t recommend Pliè highly enough !! Not only for its professionalism by its staff, the high quality of the teaching & innovative choreography. But also for its, friendly, welcoming & warm vibe, that is constantly buzzing around the studio. It truly has something for everyone, of any age & offers more than just performance education. It also offers a safe haven, a place to make life long friends & a space to thoroughly express ones self. Whether it’s for recreational purposes or for something you’d like to take more seriously, I highly recommend attending Pliè !!
— Jordan (ex-student) now Plie parent!
I can’t recommend Plié highly enough! I feel so lucky to be apart of this dance school that offers the most dedicated and professional staff members that go above and beyond to ensure each student and their family receive the most positive experience possible. Plié offers a multitude of opportunities that cater to everyone of all levels along with the upmost care and encouragement allowing students to grow and thrive not just in dance but also within themselves.
— Ellinka (ex-student)
My daughter danced at PGNS for many years and still returns regularly as an adult to see life long friends and to continue dancing. The skills she learnt at PGNS have given her confidence that will carry her a long way in life and her teachers continue to support her. An awesome well rounded dance school.
— Vicki (parent)
As a working professional in the acting industry, I owe so much to Plie, Groove and Shuffle. This school helped shape me as an artist and was the foundation for everything that followed in my career! Love this school!!!!
— Nat (ex-student) Musical theatre professional
I have been a part of the Plié family for over 10 years now. It is a nurturing and enriching environment to start and further your dance career. The teachers are all highly trained and accredited, the owner Miss Vicki has over 20 years of professional experience and a wealth of knowledge to share with her students. The facilities are incredible with 7 studios at the Cromer campus and the training the kids receive is second to none. I am particularly fond of the competitive cheerleading program Plié offers, they are currently the only dance school on the Northern Beaches to offer this sport and can accomodate students participating in both high levels of dance and cheerleading. I cannot speak highly enough of this wonderful dance school!
— Grace (teacher) Head cheer coach
Plié has been my second home for over 15 years now. I am forever greatful for all of the opportunities that have been created by Miss Vicki and all of the Plié teachers. They truely do care for each individual student and create a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy, whether you are a student, parent or sibling. Plié Groove ‘n’ Shuffle has got to be one of the biggest families on the Northern Beaches and I could not recommend more highly!
— Laura (ex-student) Professional dancer & teacher
Plie is literally my second home! I love it so much!! I am so thankful for all the wonderful teachers and all the friends I have made!! Plie has given me so many great opportunities and amazing experiences! I 100% recommend!!
— Carly (student)
Plie Groove’n’Shuffle has been my second family for the past 18 years. Not only did I learn to dance here but through this amazing, loving environment I have made life long friends and a place I can call home. I’m not sure where I would be now without the opportunities PGNS has made possible for me now being in my 10th year as a teacher.
— Becky (teacher)
I have been attending this studio for 16 years now and I love every moment I spend at this amazing place. Plie is not just a dance school, it is a family and I have made so many special memories over my many years as a dancer here. Plie is not only a great place to learn to dance but it is also somewhere where life long friendships are made. Plie is truely incredible and I can’t recommend this studio enough :)
— Brielle (student) Dance Teacher
I started attending Plie, Groove & Shuffle way back in late 90s. I have so many wonderful memories of my time there. Since then the school has gone from strength to strength. Vicki is an incredible principle and her staff are fantastic, wonderful teachers. A wonderful place for any child wanting to dance.
— Emma (ex-student) Professional dancer
I love plié!! I’ve been going there for years, teachers are so invested is making you a better dancer and care about your wellbeing
— Mia (student)
Amazing, dedicated and caring teachers who become a part of your life forever. Plié is a family and treat all dancers like part of this family and we will be forever grateful for their love, care and support. Thank you Plié
— Nicola (parent)- daughter Laura professional dancer
Amazing inclusive dance school. Caters for all levels of abilities, no auditions required like other dance schools. Great opportunities for all students with 2 concerts per year. All styles of dance available. It is my girls 2nd family
— Kathy (parent)
Most wonderful dance school!
I attended classes for over a decade and a half taught by highly qualified, kind and supportive teachers.
I have such great memories of growing up and dancing here, surrounded by amazing friends and teachers who truly care.
— Paige (ex-student) Drama teacher
Vicki and all the teachers at Plie are amazing. My daughter loves going to dance and even at a young age has been given some great opportunities. She loves all the styles of dance offered and also loves the Cheerleading program.
— Amy (parent)
I danced at Plie for years and made friends that I will keep forever! Cannot recommend this dance school higher for building confidence and encouraging fitness for kids.
— Scarlett (ex-student)
Both my kids (Girl & Boy) dance at Plie and absolutely LOVE it! the teachers are amazing! The confidence my daughter has gained from dancing on stage at comps, in both dance and cheer has really blown us away!! Great friendships made too, friends for life through Plie!! x
— Sarah (parent)
Very well rounded school, offers something for everyone. Great for boys as well as girls.
Love the singing classes. Teachers are amazing and caring. Lady in the front office is helpful and knowledgeable.
— Megan (parent)
My girls have been at Plie since 2003 and I can’t recommend this dance school highly enough! Loving, supportive and FUN! environment with kind and caring staff. Fab routines too :) I would urge anyone to come and join the Plie Family.
— Beck (parent)
I’ve been at plie since I was 3 and I don’t think I could see my life without it❤️ I have been given so many opportunities and the environment at Plie is amazing and very encouraging ❤️
— Tyra (student)
The best dance school on the Northern Beaches by far. Kids of all ages and abilities are catered for with love and enthusiasm. Can’t recommend highly enough! It’s like one big family.
— Sally (parent)
We have 3 generations of our family that have danced with the team at Plie and we could not be happier. A community minded ethos that is inclusive and professional. So great to watch the school grow from strength to strength due to the dedication of the Principal and the enthusiasm of her staff.
— Joachim (student/parent/grandparent)
My three children had a home away from home. I knew they were safe and looked after and kept them grounded and Vicki always went above and beyond
— Annette (parent)
Plie has the most dedicated, professional and caring staff. We have been part of the Plie family for 15 years and I couldn’t have asked for a better place for my daughter to grow up make life long friends and be a part of this amazing Dance School.
— Julie (parent)
My children are now age 28 and 31, they attended Plié,Groove ‘n’Suffle for many years from young children into teenage years..They had immense fun while learning to sing and dance in a very professional environment. They both carried the confidence they gained and the knowledge of performance into adult life. They also have great respect for Vicki ( principal ) to this day, as do I.. we would highly recommend this fabulous performing arts school...
— Lee (parent) Daughter Rosie now actress in UK
My two daughters changed dance schools to Plie about 4 years ago, and I couldn’t be happier! The school is full of professional and caring teachers, and offer a wide variety of classes - including cheer, singing and drama!! A one-stop shop for all your performing arts needs.
— Kirsten (parent)
Exceptional dance training from dedicated and loving staff. However, Plie, Groove’n’Shuffle is not just a dance school, it is a community and family you are a part of for life.
— Carl (teacher) Professional dancer/choreographer
Wonderful friendly and safe environment for dancing, singing, drama and cheer. Feels like your part of one giant family. Children can dance recreationally and in competition teams, trained by qualified teachers and are nurtured to reach their full potential.
— Stephanie (parent)
More than just a dance school, a fabulous community of dancers, teachers and parents. Both of my daughters have danced at Plie since they were 3, and 10 years later continue to thrive in not just dance but singing too.
— Nadia (parent)
Plié is like a second family for my daughter. She spends many hours a week there and gets so much from her amazing, talented teachers and the principal, Vicki, who devotes so much time and energy into creating an inclusive, supportive environment for our kids. Many of the dancers stay dancing at Plie into adulthood.
— Leigh (parent)
Both my daughters do both dance and cheerleading at Plie and we absolutely love it! Plie is more like a family then just a dance school. The teachers take so much care with the students and really get to know them. I would recommend Plie to anyone looking for a wonderful dance school for their kids.
— Tanya (parent)
Wonderful Dance school. So inviting and friendly. Absolutely talented teachers. I danced at Plié and now my daughter dances there and absolutely loves it
— Corrina (ex-student) now Plie mum!
Amazing talent teachers who really care about our children. The best dance school on the Northern Beaches. In addition to dance a fabulous cheer programme with very passionate coaches :) . 10 out of 10 !!!!!
— Karen (parent)
My 3 daughters did a lot of dance at Plié and they always loved it. Never any disappointment , teachers are fantastic. This school dance is among the top elites of the northern beaches , and I highly recommend to all the mums with children that love dance.
— Myriam (parent)
Plie has been a home away from home for almost 20 years for me! I had the most caring, catering and fun teachers there growing up and such a wonderful education. Love love love my Plie family ❤️
— Holly (teacher)
Both my son and daughter have been part of Plie for over 5 years now and it is amazing. We highly recommend them and love that they provide such a supportive and fun environment with amazing teachers and staff.
— Lisa (parent)
Plié was a second home for majority of my life. Its one large happy family! I’m looking forward to my little one starting mums and bubs in a few months!
— Rebecca (ex-student)
My daughter spends 6 days a week here and loves it. The teachers are all amazing and over all just a fabulous dance school.
— Emily (parent)
My 16yo daughter has been attending Plie since she was 3 and we love it, she has gained so much more than just dance skills, thoroughly recommend for talented dancers and also anyone who just wants to have fun
— Sam (parent)