All Ages

 Plie are excited to be adding OzDance Performance Sport to our curriculum from 2018. We will be offering classes for all ages, from petite to adult! Here is a blurb from the OzDance website describing the sport. For more details, visit the OzDance website. 

Ozdance Performance Sport Federation is the first independent performance sport organisation in Australia.

The OxDance syllabus & competitions are available for dance enthusiasts across Australia who are part of a registered OzDance provider. OzDance provides a unique & contemporary fusion of the technical and artistic elements of dance, combined with the structure & passion of sport. OzDance is creating a new platform of opportunities for performance-based industries to add to their curriculum.

OzDance has benefits across a broad range of performance industries and will build strength, improve flexibility, increase technique and encourage performance quality for dance lovers of all genres & abilities.  Participants learn a professionally choreographed syllabus that encompasses a variety of dance styles, focusing on:

  • the foundations & techniques of classical, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre & hip hop dance styles

  • building physical strength, flexibility, technique & performance quality

  • promoting healthy body image and positive mindset

This syllabus is then performed as a competition, where participants can compete in both team and individual events.

The aim of OzDance is not to replace the beauty, art and creativity of dance, but to enhance the strength and technical ability of dancers, and provide for the first time in Australia, a competition platform where dancers are judged against set criteria. Every competitor performs the set syllabus for our judges, and then ranked according to their technical & performance abilities. 

OzDance differs from the structure of dance competitions & eisteddfods, by providing a competitive performance opportunity where all participants are all judged across a syllabus of the same skills and techniques.  This eliminates the many variables of elements such as choreography, costuming and varying degrees of difficulty in routines within an age division, and creates fair and clear criteria for participants, spectators and judges, where competitors are recognised simply for their dance ability.